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It’s the most fashionable time of year again in Berlin and we have an inside view into the best restaurants, bars, hotels and parties for you.

Get the most out of your stylish visit to the German capital with these tips.

Sincerely yours

Luisa Kern
Head of Fashion Accounts

Classic: Borchardt
With a reputation steeped in tradition dating back 150 years, Borchardt has been and will remain the classic dining location in Berlin. Perfect for taking clients who like it formal.
Try: Wiener Schnitzel 



New: Grace
Since opening in January this year, Grace has been on the lips of everyone looking for the scene to be seen. Hosting Hollywood A-listers, Pop stars and Football champions, Grace complements their attractive quality with delicious cuisine.
Try: Black Cod


Trendy: Dudu

Keeping a low-key & casual style, Dudu has progressed recently from ‘independent restaurant on Torstrasse’ to having a new location in Charlottenburg as well. They must be doing something right, as this Asian cuisine is always talk of the town.
Try: Crunchy Dudu Roll (try not to giggle)


Classic: The Rooftop Terrace
Sitting atop Hotel De Rome, one of Berlin’s
most reputable hotels,The Rooftop Terrace offers a fantastic and impressive view across the skyline of Berlin's historic city centre.


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New: Grace Bar

People say this is the bar that has been missing in West Berlin. Sitting in Hotel Zoo next to the restaurant of the same name, this is a one-stop all-night delight!


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Trendy: Soho House
Get around the small issue of this place being a members club (you know a member, don't you?), and you'll find yourself in one of the most relaxed and classy atmospheres for a drink in the city. There's even a view!
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Classic: Adlon
Celebrity scandals may have put this classic establishment on the map, but its superb service and classic style has kept it in the international eye. A night might set you back €290 plus, but you’ll see why. The Queen of England has stayed here!


New: Zoo
The hotel that houses Grace Restaurant & Bar, Hotel Zoo is the newest and oldest hotel in Berlin at the same time. They tell us it’s the oldest hotel in Berlin, and after a 6-year refurbishment, it’s become the freshest hotel in the Design Hotels group and is a beautiful addition to the Kurfürstendamm High Street.

Trendy: Mani
Hotel MANI sits stylishly on Torstrasse in a little league of its own. Under the Amano Group, MANI is their way of letting rockstars know it's ok to come and stay ... Without trashing the place we presume. If you're looking for 'cool' over 'class', check out MANI.


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Dandy Diary
The Dandy Diary boys are back with another Fashion Week extravaganza. In Winter, their party was the place to be, let's see if they can do it again! With a surprise revival to the Surprise Club near Potsdamer Platz, the theme looks like it will be Afro-multikulti, but you never know what you're gonna get with these boys at the helm! Come say hi to us!



kOFLER & kompanie

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