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Right on time for the German International Motor Show, the pop-up phenomenon Pret A Diner is coming BACK to Frankfurt. From 10th - 27th September we invite you to tour the world with us, to the culinary theme of "Around the World in 80 Bites".
This time, together with Tim Mälzer and the best street food vendors of the region, we’re taking street food high into the sky over the rooftops of the city. Street musicians, poets, DJs, artists, painters and other creative minds from all over the globe will join us too. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for an extraordinary culinary experience.
Book your ticket now and secure your place on the trip:
Alongside Pret A Diner we have experienced some other highlights in the last couple of weeks, which we would like to share with you: From Fashion to Automotive or Sport Hospitality events, just to mention a few. Our resume: In the end it’s the diversity of our projects that always brings joy and excitement.
Have a great summer!

KP Kofler
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What does street food taste like in South America, North America, Asia and Europe? Who has the most innovative ideas? Who masters the heartiest dishes or the most exotic, who can conjure up the fresh and light, and who the crispy and tender? And who can create desserts to die for? Pret A Diner “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BITES” will introduce you to a new world, bite by bite, from 10th - 27th September.

All food entrepreneurs who are still looking for an opportunity to make their dreams come true have until 2nd August to apply as a “Guerrilla Foodie”, to move into the Frankfurt NEXTOWER with Pret A Diner, Tim Mälzer and the best street food vendors of the region.

Information & Booking:
Competition Application:
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The South Kensington Club is an unique private members' club, inspired by the spirit of adventure, in the heart of London. Members enjoy exclusive access to spaces with a country club feel, including a bathhouse, a skylit gym, fitness studios, sitting rooms and much more. In essence, a haven for friends to come together, escape and be inspired from morning till night!
SKC is delighted to exclusively offer all Pret a Diner guests an 'SKC one day access' to the club and a 50% discount on the joining fee when applying for membership. Terms and conditions apply. 
To retrieve your ‘SKC one day access’ and to find out more about membership please email
Don’t miss out!

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Only one more year to go until the Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (5th to 21st August 2016). Kofler & Kompanie is represented in Brazil via its company of Gourmet Sports Hospitality.

Regarding the Olympics we have formed a team of professionals, both on the official Hospitality Tender slots as well as Olympic related business. 

Kofler & Kompanie Brazil is operational in two great stadiums: Minas Arena in Bello Horizonte and the Allianz Parque in Sao Paulo. At these stadiums we are showcasing a higher standard of hospitality services to the Brazilian market. 
Kofler & Kompanie Brazil is already in the race – we are excited to be part of the largest international event, the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro! 
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Guests at the Guido Maria Kretschmer Show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Night were able to appreciate a double helping of enjoyment.
Guido presented his elegant collection, and we created delicious canapés with a distinctly summery 3-course menu to follow. The main course consisted of veal filet steamed in fragrant hay, served on fresh asparagus with lavender sauce and early chanterelles with endive and raspberries.
The evening was a successful combination of culinary delights and high fashion, setting the tone for summer. 
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The Magazine
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We've decided to share with you the most popular summer dish at our restaurant The Magazine. It is not only hugely tasty but also easy to prepare at home.  

1 fresh watermelon
1 whole Burrata mozzarella
1 bunch of fresh mint
A sprig of Dill
A sprig of flat leaf parsley
A table spoon of lemon juice
A table spoon of olive oil
A table spoon of white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to season 

Roughly slice the Burrata and watermelon, discarding the watermelon seeds. Tear up herbs separately and add to the watermelon in a bowl, drizzle with a vinaigrette made up of lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Place these ingredients on a plate before finishing the dish with your sliced Burrata. Bon Appetit!
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