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The human desire to seek new territory is an important engine for change and innovation, especially in our industry. We are always looking for new inspiration, to expand our horizons and create unique culinary experiences.

It’s the same with our new street food collection. An enjoyable journey around the world, full of surprises and new opportunities!

To make you feel at home wherever you eat, we have put together a little travel kit for you. With “Berlin Unlocked” we invite you to explore behind the scenes of the German capital. 

Wishing you a wonderful journey.
Yours KP Kofler
New territory
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Do you know how you’re going to welcome your guests at your next Christmas party, company anniversary or other festive gathering? With ox cheeks and cherries? With fish cooked in lime juice? With crispy pork belly and a new interpretation of a summer roll? Or with a wide variety of delicacies from all around the world?
Street food isn’t one of the greatest culinary trends of the last decade for nothing; because there are as many aromas, flavours and textures as there are countries in the world there is something for everyone. For the first time, with our new street food collection, you are able to offer this variety to your guests.
We can offer you a contemporary street food market your way – from staff uniforms that complement the stands to the use of your own bespoke market currency. Talk to us for more information!

What may be seen as good manners in your culture could be misunderstood by someone else. Here are a few tips for your next journey:
For example, did you know that in Turkey “Bon appétit” is said either during or after the meal? In China and Japan, it is normal to slurp and to smack your lips like there’s no tomorrow. If you like to cut your food into small bites to make it easier to eat just with your fork, you’ll feel right at home in the majority of the USA (since that leaves one hand free to wield your pistol – a relic from the days of the Wild West!). In India and many Arabic countries it is also common to eat one-handed, here because the left hand is seen as “unclean”.

If you are able to eat with just your right thumb, index and middle finger, you’re a pro!
Leading Culture Destinations
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Our valued partner Leading Culture Destinations has revealed a hidden gem: the “Berlin Unlocked” package, for all art lovers, culture enthusiasts, fashion experts and urban explorers of luxurious lifestyles.
From 12th – 15th November 2015, the “Berlin Art Safari” dashes through the streets of the city, off the beaten tourist track. Whether you visit the studios of much talked-about up and coming talents, exclusive access to coveted private art collections or buried treasure of the underground nightlife… Berlin’s raw, urban glamour will beguile and fascinate you - a cultural firework that appeals to all the senses! Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in a new cultural experience.
For further details visit the Leading Culture Destinations website here.
For booking please send an email to bookings@leadingculturedestinations.com
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