16 days of catering in the German House

German House


18000 plates, 75 employees, 250 kilogram mustard

Kofler & Kompanie: 16 days of catering in the German House
On the menu: Weißwürste (Bavarian veal sausages), Leberkäse (beef and pork loaf) and Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancakes with raisins).

18,000 plates, 75 staff from five countries, 20 hours of daily commitment and 250 kilograms of mustard flown in from Germany-the summary of the international premium catering company Kofler & Kompanie’s operations after the first four weeks of about eight at the 23rd Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games in South Korea.

“We are looking at our fourth Olympic Games as a catering company. This year was especially exciting for us; for the first time, we were the exclusive catering partner in the German House. To be able to offer every guest at the German House a culinary home, our on-site team performed with utmost dedication, passion and much vigour,” emphasised KP Kofler, founder and CEO of the international hospitality provider Kofler Group. Over the entire period, six different menus were in rotation, every dish was produced fresh on site and 15 tons of food was processed. The Bavarian dishes, such as Kaiserschmarrn, Leberkäse and Weißwürste, were especially popular with the guests. A total of 250 kilograms of mustard was flown in and the first delivery of Weißwürste was already running low after the first weekend. “Thanks to our excellent connections, we were able to quickly replenish supplies and solve the Weißwurst shortage problem,” said KP Kofler.

For the games, the company flew in cooks and service staff from their branch in Shanghai as well as additional staff from Germany, China, France, Malaysia and Mongolia, who for 20 hours a day, catered for the welfare of the athletes and guests-sometimes even until late into the night. After the eight-week project, the team goes home again invigorated and motivated, for the next big projects are already on the starting blocks.


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