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KP Kofler - CEO K&K AG
Photo: Georg Roske

Our business principles reflect our integrity and ethics in business conduct as well as how we prize our commitment towards clients, business partners and employees in order to jointly achieve a long- term collaborative and sustainable future.

1. Customer-focused

The interests and wishes of our customers are a priority and take pride of place with us. Our experience shows that if we work successfully with our customers, this also ensures our own success.

2. Commitment towards employees

Our employees are our key resource, our capital and our reputation. We cherish and encourage good employee communication along with personal development and optimum use of talents.

3. Objectives

Our goal is to accomplish deliberated profit alongside satisfying our client wishes. The decisive factors are the achievement of profitability, the further expansion of the company, keeping existing customers and winning new ones.

4. Quality over Quantity

We demonstrate an uncompromising resolve to achieve what we have set out to achieve. Although we carry out a wide range and a great volume of different activities, if we ever had to make the choice we would rather be the best than the biggest.

5. Imagination

We demonstrate creativity and imagination in everything we do. Meanwhile we celebrate traditions; after all, it reflects history and heritage. We don’t meet expectations – we exceed them.

6. Being the best

We take extraordinary pains to attract and select only the very best employees for our company. As a service-provider, we know that without the best people, we cannot provide the best service.

7. Requirement & Encouragement

We prepare our employees for the possibility of developing their professional careers more quickly than is normally the case in most other companies. We are always on the lookout for limitations that our employees are capable of overcoming. The progress and promotion of an employee depends solely on his or her ability to make a contribution toward the success of the company, irrespective of competition, colour, religion, sex, age, nationality, physical impediments, sexual orientation or any other impermissible criterion or circumstance.

8. Companionship & team spirit

We emphasise cooperation in everything we do. Although individual creativity is always encouraged, we have established that teamwork always brings about the best and most successful results. We have no place for anyone who puts their own personal interests before those of the company or our customers.

9. Integrity

The integrity and the work performance that our employees bring to our company are of a higher level than can be found in most other organisations. We believe that this is an important constituent of our success.

10. Balanced

We want to be large enough in order to carry out major projects on behalf of our customers, yet still small enough to retain the required loyalty, confidence and team spirit. This is a major contributor to our success.

11. Adaptability

We strive constantly to adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing requirements and demands of our customers, continually developing new ideas and concepts in order to meet these demands. We know that the market is changing continually, and that self-satisfaction would lead to the failure of the company.

12. Confidentiality

We regularly receive confidential information by reason of our customer connections. The betrayal of this confidence or the negligent handling of secret information must be regarded as absolutely inconceivable.

13. Fairness

Our business is characterised by strong competition, and we are always going beyond our limit to improve our own position and our customer relationships. It is, however, our duty to be fair competitors and never to disparage other companies.

14. Honesty

Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our company. We expect that every employee will observe the highest moral standards in everything that they do. This applies to spheres of life, both professional and private.

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