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Building cities builds nations! The bedrock of culture-based urban development is tourism and its future success depends on the social and economic sustainability of the culture sector. How cultural experience is defined and above all how it is perceived by the local community will be discussed this weekend at the “International New York Times Art For Tomorrow” conference [] in Doha (Qatar). KP Kofler, who has shown a particular affinity for linking the worlds of art and design with gastronomy, will be a guest speaker at the event. In 2004, he demonstrated this passion with the launch of his Pret A Diner project. In addition, KP Kofler runs restaurants in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and London and three museum cafés in Berlin. Providing world-class cuisine at major events such as the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the FIFA World Cup (most recently in Brazil) distinguishes him as an expert partner in the field of hospitality. Art for Tomorrow will welcome some 200 invited guests to discuss the changing dynamics of art and architecture, and their potential to transform people and places.

Kofler will be explaining how museum gastronomy works and what needs to be taken into account. Modern dining has become all about the experience and art galleries and museums have taken note of this trend. Increasingly, the world’s most prestigious institutions are opting for a carefully-conceived food concept that reflects the theme of the museum. He firmly believes that the cultural experience should also extend to the museum’s cuisine, with a view to achieving an enduring positive impact on the museum visit.



Estádio da Luz

In addition to Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai and Allianz Parque Arena in Sao Paulo, Estádio da Luz is another milestone for the sport and hospitality sector of KOFLER GROUP….

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KOFLER GROUP is expanding to Japan

Our new project in Japan is the next step in our corporate development in Asia following the extremely successful market entry in China two years ago, and another milestone for the KOFLER GROUP

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16 days of catering in the German House

On the menu: Weißwürste (Bavarian veal sausages), Leberkäse (beef and pork loaf) and Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancakes with raisins). 18,000 plates, 75 staff from five countries, 20 hours…

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