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Our unit manager from Hamburg is now head of 300,000 tiny employees… They are hard-working, do not know overtime and also not aware of holidays. May we introduce: the K & K bees!

In cooperation with the Altländer honey manufacturer Michael Bauer (www.altlaender-honig.de) we accommodate 6 bee hives on the roof of our Curio-House. The interesting thing is that the quality of honey out of a metropolitan is equal to the one from the country side. A great advantage of honey from urban areas is that hardly are being found within a city. Also, bees in major cities will benefit from longer warm – and flowering periods.

We expect to harvest approx. 300kg of honey in September, which will then be distributed as customer gifts and also be used within our own kitchen. Our chef de cuisine and the Pastry Cook’s are currently developing fancy recipes in order to use our Kofler honey within catering, as well as in our gastronomy outlets. By providing beehives, we are not only reveiving delicious and regional honey, but also promote the dwindling habitats for bees and by this make our small contribution to sustainability.


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