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Whoever said fashion and food are an unlikely match, has never tried us. These two elements have never been as connected as we see today. What started as a basic need has evolved to be a source of inspiration, self-expression and form of art. Most of lifestyle blogs nowadays promote two things fashion & food, it is kind of soul meets body and it is all about taste and satisfaction.

We at Kofler & Kompanie understand fashion and prize catering as part of the bigger picture in fashion and part of the image of your brand or your collection. We celebrate the concept of extravagant/chic dining à la runway haute couture just as much as a hip pret à porter like casual dining. We help you discover the tentalising flavours and textures that compliment your event and make it an unforgettable experience for all your senses.

Let us take you in a journey through the unbelievable richness of flavours and perfumes. Along the way it takes different forms and colours, combining the influences of our eclectic and multicultural world. Customised to your event, we offer a wide range of catering services, from trendy walking dinners to elegant fine dining.

Lets us give your event that extra flavour, literally.



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