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Our supplier Rungis has opened its doors for us. During a tour through their hallowed halls, we learn more about Rungis logistics, as well as their products, from crispy vegetables, best fish, caviar and truffles. Not only we, but also the historical department store KaDeWe, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, as well as the Hotel Ritz Carlton are loyal customers of Rungis.
On our guided tour, Mr Bartocha sprayed with passion as he talked about the food. His enthusiasm for their high quality products is based on his history as a former chef. His position as sales manager is more than just a job for him – in 23 years working for Rungis he never had a day off.

K&K: During our tour through your halls you have said the ACETO balsamico traditional is an “honest Product”. What do you mean with this?

„This vinegar has aged 50 years in an oak barrels. It is a traditional product where you can taste the trouble, time and honesty that went into it. Therefore, the price of 150 euros for 100 ml.“

K&K: This wonderful piece of Angus filet from Australia, that you have shown us, was a true masterpiece for meat lovers. Now that the barbecue season starts again, do you have a tip how to recognize good meat?

„It is actually quite simple: when it looks delicious! The structure and shape of the meat can be be a clue to the quality. When the animals is feed with quility food, has enough access to open-air and time for growth, then you can see this in the color and marbeling of the meat.
If the meat is sealed, no fluid should be seen in the foil. Also keep your hands off meat that is drowned in marinade. This is often only an attempt to cover up something.
Of course good meat means a higher price. Nevertheless, I personally prefer to eat 150 grammes high-quality meat instead 250 gramms of low quality. In terms of quality meat we can observe an change in thinking.“

K&K: You mean that consumers are willing to pay more for good quality?

„The trend is to back to the roots. People want to know where their meat comes from and how the animal has lived, and are willing to pay more for better quality.“

K&K: Rungis and Kofler & company are already working together for over 5 years. Can you describe what makes work so challenging with a premium catering company?

„First you must understand how a caterer works. It is about precise delivery as well as to the exact amount. We can leave nothing to chance.
The challenge is: we at Rungis think in boxes you at Kofler & Kompanie think in number of guests“.

K&K: Finally: If you could could ask our chef Kay Schoeneberg for a dish, what would it be?

„Since I am an absolute fan of stews, it would probably be a „Gaisburger Marsch“. Everything good is being used for it. It is a traditional dish that takes a lot of time to make, but it pays out in wonderful taste. Long cooking shows that the basic product is from good quality. And good products are my passion as you know“.

K&K: Mr. Bartocha, many thanks for this conversation!


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