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KP Kofler | CEO
Photo: Georg Roske


Klaus Peter Kofler – known affectionately as KP – comes from a family with a long and distinguished tradition in food that stretches back to the foundation of Kofler Bakery in 1823. He is the sixth generation to have learned the trade of baker and graduated as the best in his year. In 1988 KP added a very contemporary qualification to his “hereditary” culinary skills when he graduated in business studies.

In 1991 KP Kofler took yet another decisive step by ending his career as a professional showjumper in order to give his undivided attention to his new business: Kofler & Kompanie.

As a true entrepreneur, KP Kofler is a master in reflecting and seizing the zeitgeist. In 2008 Kofler was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by Gault Millau. Perhaps his most offbeat creation is Pret A Diner, a much-lauded series of pop-up restaurants that have appeared for a short time in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London and Zürich and create quite a stir with Michelin-starred chefs, sophisticated cocktails, contemporary art and modern music in offbeat locations with hip themes.

In addition, Pret A Diner pop-ups always boast the top chefs from the culinary scene. These have included Nuno Mendes from the Viajante, Matthias Schmidt from the Villa Merton, Juan Amador with his eponymous restaurant and the “King of the Italians” Giorgio Locatelli.

KP Kofler firmly believes that he must convince his guests with his food right from the outset: “With our food we strive to create an event at an event. And it is not just the ingredients that play a role – presentation, ambience, service, decor and sensory qualities must also be perfectly harmonised so that a feeling of supreme pleasure can evolve. Completely in keeping with our “Satisfying all Senses” motto.”



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