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Photos: Markus Georg, Ginterios, Peter Cameron Dominkovits


In 2004 Kofler & Kompanie unveiled its PRET | A | DINER® – Collection, with the aim of bringing contemporary lifestyle to the trend-oriented catering sector. Here the focus was not exclusively on food but also on the associated trends in table culture, wine and ambience.

Each of the collections, which were presented twice per year, was conceived in partnership with talented, creative and highly-distinguished chefs. Juan Amador, Heiko Antoniewicz, Hans Horberth, Ingo Holland, Hans-Jörg Bachmeier, Tim Raue and Massimo Bottura collaborated with Kofler & Kompanie’s Chef de Cuisine, Kay Schoeneberg, on trailblazing creations. From the drinks world sommeliers of the calibre of Jens Pietzonka were brought on board, along with “Barkeeper of the Year” Andreas Lanninger.

In February 2011 KP Kofler further evolved the concept into a pop-up restaurant that has since appeared several times per year in various European cities.

In the same year Pret A Diner caused a real stir with its themed pop-up restaurant “The Melting Pot” in a former mint in Berlin. The restaurant was completely booked out for six weeks – attracting over 10,000 diners. For Berlin Fashion Week in the summer of 2011 Pret A Diner popped up again as “A Culinary Discovery”, this time for nine days in a unique riverside location. Within 24 hours it was completely booked out online – with over 5,000 guests.

During the IAA International Motor Show and the 2011 Book Fair “The Tree House” conquered Frankfurt, the metropolis on the Main, transforming the 24th and 25th floors of the NEXTOWER with a restaurant, bar, gallery, event space and roof terrace and attracting 10,000 diners and 15,000 bar guests. The London Pret A Diner “The Minotaur” in the legendary “The Old Vic Tunnels” during Frieze Art Fair and the London Restaurant Festival in October 2011 was also fully booked two weeks before it opened – with 9,000 diners and 15,000 art exhibition visitors.

And Pret A Diner’s international success story has continued since. At the start of 2013 the dining concept made its debut in Zürich, popping up a short while later for Art Basel and once again in Berlin in the Opernwerkstätten (opera workshops). Pret A Diner then appeared for one night only in a stunning villa on Ibiza and in September for the second time in “Mainhatten”, where the urban nomads took up residence in Frankfurt’s NEXTOWER. More than 12,000 diners were served there in fewer than six weeks.

Pret A Diner is still on its travels. Register for the newsletter and find out where we’ll be popping up next.


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Photos: Peter Cameron Dominkovits / Amanda Nikolic




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